10 December, 2015


Mekton Zero Kickstarter refund from R. Talsorian Games received and promptly spent on Copplestone minis. Should have done that in the first place.


  1. Good for you! I wish I could get my money back from Dust for the operation Babylon debacle... :(

    1. Yeah. Betweem R. Talsorian and Dust studios... i'll never back another Kickstarter again. I'm really trying to stay positive about Battlefront - I'm really interested in Flames of War team Yankee... but, my wave two shipment consisted of only my counters and every unit that was backordered *about twenty of them) was dropped off the invoice. I've contacted battlefront support three times since 25 November and have yet to hear from anyone other than the customer service automated response.

      Paulo and Dust Studios are forever on my shit list, I don't want to add Battlefront to that, but they really need to get their ass in gear and answer one of my fucking emails.

    2. Check the KS page for Dust. They say an agreement has been reached. I'll believe it when the other $400+ US worth of stuff is in my possession. I might even play the game (because then I'll actually have dice) but by then I expect both companies, DS especially, to be out of business or going out of business.