28 November, 2015

Mekton Zero - Support Revoked

Lisa Pondsmith sent an email to backers offering a full refund of their Kickstarter pledge yesterday.

I jumped at the chance. Sent my request in as soon as I got home.

Honestly I wan't invested much in this Kickstarter (unlike Dust Tactics) - I greatly reduced my initial pledge during the Kickstarter because it was not managed, what I would call, well.

Here we are over two years latter - I've received nothing of what was supposed to be delivered in December of 2013. No dice. No pdf. No book. Apparently trying to use an outdated edition of Quark has caused them to be unable to deliver on the prime product for two years. Communication has been a fiasco... it was delegated to a small succession of backers, none of whom were consistent, and who had nothing to say from the Pondsmiths. No mention of what was delaying the book for over 18 months. R. Talsorian didn't take control of communication for as long. There have been no updates on the miniatures or other supporting products. I might add that the info on Cyberpunk 2077 has been as nonexistent these two past years; perhaps the idea is not a dark future game, but a dark present one?

I've been an R. Talsorian customer for most of my life. For years I ONLY played Interlock games (there were even Star Trek conversion I made for Interlock and Fuzion). I own every edition of Mekton and Cyberpunk. Every single one. Indeed I am missing only one Cyberpunk 2020 supplement.

I wish them luck - that they can get their act together. But I will never patronize that company again.

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