25 August, 2015

(Roughly) 28mm Scale Tram and Bendy Bus

So I stopped at Toys-R-Us today on the way home from Kanazawa. Came across two roughly game scale vehicles in the FastLane isle. 

First up is the Mercedes-Benz Bendy Bus. I's about 58mm wide and 75mm to the roof... I think it looks a bit big, but if I re-size the wheels down a bit, I think it will ride at a better height and mesh much better with the 1/50 scale cars and 1/48 armor I use. Have to do something about the slight jackknife at the joint too,,, perhaps some weights.

Next up is the City Tram, it is a bit larger... about 80mm to the roof, but only 50mm wide. The doors are big, but perhaps if I mod it just a bit as a Subway/El and use a platform... There are some good game size trains in japan, but each car runs twice what this whole thing cost.

Both toys are shown with a larger 28mm Copplestone Castings trooper standing alongside, and a true 28mm EM4 (ex-Grenadier FW) trooper in the doorway. both are on plastic Reaper bases, and still fit in the doorways, which is a nice thing.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good. Depending on the city's bus manufacturers it might not be that out of scale.
    I have some paper craft buses from WWG but they tend to be a bit small. And they take time to build.