12 August, 2015

I actually did some hobby stuff.

First vacation day in the new house... no kids, no wife... went to the Japan Motorcar Museum and shot about 400 photos of cars before my battery gave out, picked up a couple 1/48 scale Fiats in the gift shop... lunch, home improvement store for washers, and other odds and ends... then I actually did something directly game related:

Three cars (2 previously mentioned diecast Fiat 500F's, and one plastic BMW 7 series) taken apart, bodies abraded and primed; 27 washers glued into 27 Reaper plastic round bases; 5 EM4/ex-Grenadier Future Warriors minis, 2 Copplestone Castings Future Wars minis, 4 Northstar Yakuza Gangsters minis, and one Empress Afghan Insurgent mini, cleaned, based and primed.

I actually did some hobby stuff today. first time in years.

Now for some Sons of Anarchy before they get home...

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