25 August, 2015

(Roughly) 28mm Scale Tram and Bendy Bus

So I stopped at Toys-R-Us today on the way home from Kanazawa. Came across two roughly game scale vehicles in the FastLane isle. 

First up is the Mercedes-Benz Bendy Bus. I's about 58mm wide and 75mm to the roof... I think it looks a bit big, but if I re-size the wheels down a bit, I think it will ride at a better height and mesh much better with the 1/50 scale cars and 1/48 armor I use. Have to do something about the slight jackknife at the joint too,,, perhaps some weights.

Next up is the City Tram, it is a bit larger... about 80mm to the roof, but only 50mm wide. The doors are big, but perhaps if I mod it just a bit as a Subway/El and use a platform... There are some good game size trains in japan, but each car runs twice what this whole thing cost.

Both toys are shown with a larger 28mm Copplestone Castings trooper standing alongside, and a true 28mm EM4 (ex-Grenadier FW) trooper in the doorway. both are on plastic Reaper bases, and still fit in the doorways, which is a nice thing.

12 August, 2015

I actually did some hobby stuff.

First vacation day in the new house... no kids, no wife... went to the Japan Motorcar Museum and shot about 400 photos of cars before my battery gave out, picked up a couple 1/48 scale Fiats in the gift shop... lunch, home improvement store for washers, and other odds and ends... then I actually did something directly game related:

Three cars (2 previously mentioned diecast Fiat 500F's, and one plastic BMW 7 series) taken apart, bodies abraded and primed; 27 washers glued into 27 Reaper plastic round bases; 5 EM4/ex-Grenadier Future Warriors minis, 2 Copplestone Castings Future Wars minis, 4 Northstar Yakuza Gangsters minis, and one Empress Afghan Insurgent mini, cleaned, based and primed.

I actually did some hobby stuff today. first time in years.

Now for some Sons of Anarchy before they get home...