12 August, 2014

Tabletop Police Cars

Filling in some back posts from my time locked out. Originally posted on my supersecret Facebook page.


A discussion on BBC Autos, and an acquaintance who makes Kustom cars here in Japan, got me thinking about designing a killer Restomod police car.

Here's my idea:

1977 Chevelle Malibu 350 4dr sedan (wagon for special services)

Swap the front clip for one from a '77 Olds Cutlass (both were essentially the same car); fill and cut the cowl to accommodate a '70 Chevelle SS grill; racing type suspension, with a slight forward cant; finish with Chevelle SS badges, and some deep-dish slotted aluminum wheels.

Now, if I can just get a high-res 3d model of this, stretch the design to be 1/50 in length and height, 1/43 in width... have a master printed, finished and cast in resin; should have a great sedan to use as a patrol car and taxi with my large-scale Hot Wheels.

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