26 August, 2014

Chaos in Cochise County Kickstarter

I am incredibly stoked about this Kickstarter for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it's Weird West, with an extensive line of gorgeously sculpted heroic scale minis (think Chronoscope sized), which is completely awesome in and of itself.

Second, it uses a variant of the SuperFigs rules, which is a Pittsburgh-developed rules set concocted by acquaintances from one of my favorite games and comics shops, and friends-of-friends.

Thirdly, this particular game and the newly launched minis company behind it is brainchild by my friend Lee, one of the most talented miniatures painters I've ever seen, and a fellow that shares my twisted, and dark sense of humor, and love of history. Oh, and he wrote Chaos in Cairo (and other "Chaos" wargames), which might ring a bell for you.

So, a new minis company, with great sculpts, by veterans from the industry, who are hardcore gamers in their own right.

Just. Back. It.

 Just. Back. It.

UPDATE 10 SEP 2014: Sadly the Chaos in Cochise County Kickstarter was suspended. I am able to report that it is being retooled, many lessons learned, and will be back, better than ever (with videos detailing gameplay!). I'll keep you posted.

14 August, 2014

Access Granted

After nearly a year of being locked out of my account... I've managed to regain access. Yay!

Over the next few days, I'll try to fill in the posts I'd written, but been unable to post since last year.

12 August, 2014

Tabletop Police Cars

Filling in some back posts from my time locked out. Originally posted on my supersecret Facebook page.


A discussion on BBC Autos, and an acquaintance who makes Kustom cars here in Japan, got me thinking about designing a killer Restomod police car.

Here's my idea:

1977 Chevelle Malibu 350 4dr sedan (wagon for special services)

Swap the front clip for one from a '77 Olds Cutlass (both were essentially the same car); fill and cut the cowl to accommodate a '70 Chevelle SS grill; racing type suspension, with a slight forward cant; finish with Chevelle SS badges, and some deep-dish slotted aluminum wheels.

Now, if I can just get a high-res 3d model of this, stretch the design to be 1/50 in length and height, 1/43 in width... have a master printed, finished and cast in resin; should have a great sedan to use as a patrol car and taxi with my large-scale Hot Wheels.