08 May, 2013

Wow. That was one heavy box.

Okay. That was quick. The nice people at Volks wasted no time in getting me my order of Vallejo Game Color and pumice basing compound. I went all in and got, pretty much, the entire line. There were a few out of stock items, but by ordering two 16 color sets and then filling in the blanks, I was able to get most everything. I'm actually only missing the Gloss Varnish, Thinner, and Metallic Medium. I can deal with that.

Yesterday my order of Liquitex Acrylic Gesso (both black and white) arrived, joining the 14 Ceramcoat pots I picked up at a craft store in Kaga. Toss in my sable brushes and I really don't have an excuse to not be painting anymore.

Well I do have to go to work today, so hopefully next week we will have some painted stuff up. Fingers crossed.


  1. The only Vallejo stuff I've used is their matte medium and their metallic medium. Paint is paint though really. I have my preferences, just like everyone else. Glad to see you've got some hobbying stuff set up though. Paint some stuff!

    (jeez I guess I should probably follow my own damn advice too...)

    1. Paint is paint... but all paint is not equal. Mr. Color and Tamiya are two notorious examples. Vallejo has dense pigment and a smooth flowing resin that is pretty durable when hardened. The Reapers and Warpaints are probably equivalent... and Foundry is good stuff too.

      I have one of the scavs cleaned and gessoed. I think I might give the full GW painting treatment to him... see how it goes.