20 May, 2013

Last Day of the Robotech Tactics Kickstarter

Robotech® RPG Tactics� -- Kicktraq Mini

Robotech... ick.

Still, I love Macross... I'll just have to edit all of the cards back to the original non-Anglicized names.

Palladium is another name that I have difficulty expressing enthusiasm for, luckily they aren't particularly involved in this one, it's really Ninja Division (Soda Pop Miniatures) behind this.

So the trend is looking good. Lots of unit variety coming, lots of add ons. I've chosen to maximize variety for my money rather than number of units, though that is also entirely possible.

End of the year should bring lots of mini goodness in a box with a name I despise shipped from my least favorite games company.

Life, you bitch.

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