08 May, 2013

Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

No painting tonight. Wife and daughter have the flu, on my own this evening getting the boy to sleep and feeding myself after work.

That said - once I got everyone settled, I sat down with this much storied (by my Commonwealth coworkers at least) English beer: Wychwood Brewery's Hobgoblin Traditionally Crafted Legendary Ruby Beer. Looks like it should come with a Games Workshop mini.

Decanted into a beer glass, I'm rather surprised at how little carbonation there is... you can pour it sloppily and get a decent head, but if you pour off the glass side, it has almost none. Doesn't taste flat though... indeed for a 5.2% beer this is an exceptionally easy drinking red. I'm sure I'll regret latter how easy it is to drain half the glass at a time... when the alcohol hits the blood stream.

I must say I bought this because of the cool label and D&D-ish mystique. I'll buy it again because it's a damn fine beer - far superior to my previous favorite (albeit pedestrian) red, Killian's. Killian's is like a PBR compared to this.

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