28 April, 2013

Scale Observations

First off, I saw IRONMAN 3 last night and loved it. Ben Kingsley was perfectly cast.

I realize that my enthusiasm for the film means it is likely that reviews will suck and the fan boys will hate it.

Screw 'em.

Anyhow, waiting for a train to Fukui. Train platforms: in a larger station they seem to be about two train widths wide. Making track and platform area roughly equal.

Tracks and ballast tend toward the same dirty rust color with bare metal on the tops of the track.

Japanese platforms have a knobbed yellow tile safety line running parallel to the platform edge, about a meter in. The platform itself is asphalt and greyish concrete construction with dual pillars on the edge sides about every 6 or 7 meters (about 2.5 per carriage length).


  1. What're you going to Fukui for? As boring as it could be sometimes...I still miss that place once in a while.

    1. I usually work at the Fukui school on Sunday every other week. Big changes yo! They are tearing down the shopping arcade in front of the station, relocating the buildings from the castle grounds, looking to rebuild the castle... and Shinkansen service in the next few years.

      Swung by your old apartment... took pics... I'll post next time.