11 April, 2013

Cyberpunk 2077 - Looking excellent.

Two months ago, CD Projekt Red dropped a teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077. With moving and life and all I haven't gotten to speaking on it until now.

It's a complete nerd-gasm. Chock full of references to the the pen-and-paper game (Network 54, Alt, Hammerman etc.). I am truly looking forward to this game, and the quality of the trailer leaves me very okay with waiting another two years.Cyberpunk is in good hands.

Speaking of hands... Maximum Mike (Pondsmith) was also featured in a CD Projekt Red video explaining Cyberpunk. It's also fantastic, a must watch.

I've read that Maximum Mike is working on developing a 4th edition of Cyberpunk to coincide with 2077. I truly hope this is true. Cyberpunk 203X (3rd ed.) was something of a misstep, not as bad as most make it out to be, but also not really worthy of succeeding CP2020. I truly hope that 4th edition is in the pipe, and that it is as excellent as 2077 promises to be.


  1. Was never a genre I got into that much, although it is an interesting one. The trailer doesn't do much for me as the animation is only so-so (not the visuals, the actual animation).

    Glad to hear that you're excited about it though!

    1. Well, keep in mind how early this is. CDPR is focused on the latest Witcher right now... CP2077 is something like 2 years out, this is really just a sketch of what they want to do, not of game play or anything. That said I think it oozes the style of the RPG (which in turn oozed style), and shows - even in this very simple sketch - enormous familiarity with the source material.
      CP2020 was a superlative game, by far the best game in the genre. The timeline is being overrun by history now, much of the tech is yet to be seen, but much of the socio-political commentary was eerily prophetic. R.Talsorian has just run another print run of the 2020 main book, bringing it back into print - it's a worthy purchase. I think it's a genre that you are more vested in than you realize, knowing your tastes in film and such.

      Good to hear from you - went by your old apartment in Fuk. The dive shop is gone, and there is a 7-11 across the street, and the big building by the park is now a Children's Museum.