13 June, 2012

Terrene Map – NW Continent

New group of players about to start a Castles & Crusades campaign. I’m looking forward to some old-school dungeon crawls (kill things, steal their stuff). While I don’t have an overarching theme for the campaign (other than “kill monsters, steal their stuff”), I have been plotting out a campaign map – which has tied into something I’ve been toying with for years.
I was living in Kaga when Ace Combat 5: Unsung War came out and I snatched it up and poured through it.  I really enjoyed the fictional world of “Strangreal” – and it struck me as a fantasy RPG world brought out of the mythic era into the modern age.  Since that time I’ve wanted to make something similar.  Now I have the chance.
The map above focuses on the pseudo-EuroAfrican continent.  In the Mythic Age the major powers will include a Teutonic empire, a Skraeling dominated wildland, and a Moorish/Spanish kingdom.

UPDATE – 17 JUNE 2012
Well, I killed the party 4 times, with goblins and two gnolls. The farthest they made it from their cell was room 5. Basically old school D&D had a certain Darwinian aspect to it – you rolled your character (including those 1st level HP) and if you died you rolled up a new one and he/she was found bound and gagged in the next room. But newbie RPGs are all “I like my character,” and eschew replacing the horribly weak, evolutionary dead-end, characters. Instead they just want you to give them more HPs. Yep, “give.” WTF?
Soooo Castles & Crusades was a bust, since the game was hosted at one of the players apartments, and he was particularly un-fond of D&D – in an effort to appease and find a better fit with the play-style of the group – we decided to return to our Delta Green/Realms of Cthulhu game.
Yes – D&D was too deadly so we are going to go with Cthulhu… I know.
Still this is cool for me – I started blogging to support my Delta Green campaign and that blog was expanded to become 10x28mm. It’s a nice return to home in a way. My host gets to shoot things (his request), most people have characters already, and I get to put them in mortal/preternatural danger on a regular basis.

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