13 June, 2012

Special Agent Murphy, FBI

So I was watching Dog Day Afternoon with my wife the day before last. I don’t think I had actually seen the whole thing before. Most certainly I never realized that Lance Henriksen was in it – but there I am Friday watching it and there he is splattering Sal’s grey matter all over the inside of the airport limo. This is by far the youngest I’ve seen Lance in anything:

Special Agent Murphy (Lance Henriksen) in Dog Day Afternoon
So the post for today is a Savage Worlds weapons post inspired by Special Agent Murphy of the New York Field Office, circa 1975.

Smith & Wesson Model 36 Chief’s Special

Caliber: .38 Special
Range: 10/20/40
Damage: 2d6
RoF: 1
Weight: 1.2lbs
Shots: 5rds
Cost: $200, Speedloader $8
Notes: AP1, Double-Action, Revolver
The Model 36 is a typical “snub-nosed” revolver seen in holsters of many plainclothes law enforcement officers.  Known as a “five-shot” among agents, it was an approved weapon for carry by the FBI until revolvers were finally disallowed in the mid-2000s. The stats above work for either the standard 1.875″ barrel or 3″ barrel versions.  The Model 36 was introduced by S&W in 1950, and is still in production.

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