14 February, 2012

Victory Force Miniatures: Spacefarers

Inspired by the lack of player interest in my Cthulhu and Wierd West games, finding Where No Man Has Gone Before, the release of Trek ships from Heroclix, and more than a bit of playing Star Trek Online, I converted half of my Victory Force Miniatures to look more Star Trek-ish.
The Victory Force Miniatures were always on my list for Star Trek proxies, but recent events lead me to order two packs to try them out.  Only a couple days after placing the order they arrived from the midwest.
As is the minis make decent proxies – just paint and play.  There are differences, the yoke doesn’t extend over the deltoids on the sleeves, and there isn’t a communicator.  When I ordered I planned to convert them with ProCreate to extend the yoke onto the sleeves, at a combadge and convert the pants to cover the boot tops.  But that’s a lot of work – maybe I’d just paint them up as is afterall…
Enter Star Trek Online.  The wife got a new laptop last week – which is Windows (I run Ubuntu)… which means it can run DC Universe and Star Trek Online.  Suffice it so say It has run quite a bit of both… a scant couple days later Eddie Kataishi is a lieutenant commander (level 16).  He’s based on an old pen and paper character made a decade and a half ago when we played the then new Last Unicorn Star Trek: Next Generation RPG.  The nice thing about all of the aborted Star Trek campaigns I’ve run is a plethora of character and ship names to use on STO. My first ship was Oberon, and my current is Singularity.  Mirsh Aldin is the name of my Andorian Engineer… its like a reunion.
DCU gets played too – but not as much… Foxy Vengeance and The Green Lantern Corpse probably feel a little neglected.
Anyway… I’ve long liked the look of the Sierra 1 Starfleet uniforms from STO.  It’s the one that you see in all the promo art and a version was worn by Captain Data in the Abrams’ “Star Trek” (don’t get me started on that crap) comic prelude.  I use the Sierra 1 as my crew uniform.  My tunic scheme is a black lower, charcoal under-yoke/collar whith the yoke padding done in department color (TNG/VOY/DS9 system not TOS).   Lowers are a pair of black trousers or an optional skirt of black with a department color panel down the left thigh.  This is the scheme I plan on using for my VMF Spacefarers.
Yesterday I sat down with some ProCreate and set to converting the VMF minis.  I added deltoid caps to the yokes, a plain arrowhead combadge, and a rank panel under the yoke on the mini’s right chest.  The underyoke (if done) will be represented by paint rather than modeling.  Overall they came out really well… I knocked one deltoid cap cleaning up the dried ProCreate but it will superglue back on well.
I finished 5 of the 10 last night, will try to do the other half tonight. Wednesday is painting night so I have my project planned.
After that I have some not-Gorn, not-Klingon, not-Romulan, and not-Jem Hadar minis to order. I’ve also dug out my old DS9 Runabout by Playmates, it is remarkably close to 28mm…

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