02 February, 2012

Star Trek Tactics

Tonight was painting night down at the shop.  I painted up a bunch of western figures for my Wierd West game (we’ve run one adventure so far).  Of course, there is something to distract me from my wierd west plans… Star Trek prepainted minis!
Yes Star Trek Tactics Heroclix are out… of course Wiz Kids has had their unpainted starship game out for a few months now – but I can’t afford to drop the cash on that set just for the minis.  Heroclix are another matter entirely.
Cash is tight but after accounting for gas money I ended up with:

2x Nebula-class
1x Nova-class
1x Intrepid-class
1x Prometheus-class
1x Sabre-class
1x Defiant-class
2x D7 K’t'inga
1x Bird-of-Prey
1x Vor-cha

All 11 soon to be yanked off the Clix bases and drilled for Litko flying bases.  the best part is that I can sell back the bases and cards to be used for Clix conversions! Yay!

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