14 February, 2012

Personnel Files – KAT 15763

Kataishi, Edward     OF-151-096
Captain / Date of Rank: 82707.3
Commanding Officer
Assigned U.S.S. Singularity 60152.8
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco Earth 42692.9
Born 18059.9 Sol IIIa (Med File – CA-657-7)
Parents Hideki Kataishi and Alexandra Federova
Valedictorian, Starfleet Academy 40692.9
Federation Citation of Honor 46993.7*
Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry 51792.4
Grankite Order of Tactics 51914.5
Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry 52610.0
Starfleet Medal of Commendation 78731.2
Star Cross 83707.3
Average Efficiency/Coind Rating 9.3

On 47163.8 Lt. Commander Kataishi was in command of the runabout Hudson, pursuing suspected Cardassian spies in the Almatha Sector.  Refusing a direct order from Admiral Derek Haydn, Kataishi broke off pursuit when the suspect vessel crossed into the de-militarized zone.  A General Courts-Martial was convened finding Kataishi guilty of insubordination, dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming an officer and 5 other charges.  He was sentenced to New Zealand Penal Settlement.
Due in part to a petition by his former commanding officer, Captain Odane Thomas, and a dire need of trained tactical officers in light of hostilities with the Dominion, Kataishi was pardoned and recomissioned as ensign on 48762.9.  His service during the conflict was exemplary, but promotion followed slowly due to his reputation and status a a former convict.
Lt. Commander Kataishi was selected to serve as Executive Officer of U.S.S. Singularity by Commander Mara Sehteez on 61152.8 – a position he held until taking over command on 71790.4

Dates of Rank:
Lieutenant (JG) 40692.9*
Lieutenant 42897.0*
Lieutenant Commander 46993.7*
Ensign 48762.9
Lieutenant (JG) 52072.5
Lieutenant 55073.7
Lieutenant Commander 60181.9
Commander 71786.1
Captain 83079.4

*Redacted per Courts-Martial ruling 47337.5

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