17 January, 2012

Where No Man Has Gone Before

So in my internet wanderings I’ve come across Old School Trek… and the gaming boards therein. Of particular interest were the rules “Where No Man Has Gone Before” – versions 1.0 and 2.0 a Star Trek RPG using D20 and D20 MicroLite (extremely simplified D20) mechanics, respectively.
In particular the 2.0 version got my attention and I immediately saw the potential of the rules.  My only hesitation comes from the level/hit point mechanic of D20… cadets (lvl 1/2) will get knocked into sickbay by a frisbee – captains (lvl 9) can shrug off 4.5-9 times the damage… say a torpedo to the chest.  This is an acknowledged flaw in the game, where the suggestion is to GM the matter: a character wades toward the Klingon knowing the disruptor won’t kill him gets vaporized by GM decree.
Um… no.
House rules rules on “gritty damage” are suggested on the boards. They do away with hit dice and use the Physical stat as HP.  That is much better – but the single physical stat will get points poured into it (better hp and better damage – screw Charisma).
Also there are only a handful of skills. Know I don’t need Last Unicorn or FASA numbers of skills… but there should at least be a skill for each position/job).  the transporter chief should have “transporters,” the helmsman should have “Helm,” and so on.  So even with WNMHGB I’m looking at house ruling a number of things – skills and adding a END stat to use the gritty damage house rules with.
Then of course there is also the possibility of using Savage Worlds as the mechanic… essentially stripping out the D20 bits and replacing them with SW bits.  The nice thing is that there is a vetted D20 to SW conversion… this is by far the most attractive option.
Yes, that is Paul Newman’s head stuck on William Shatner – I Gimp therefore I am.

03 January, 2012

Police Car Graphics

I have a dozen diecast Crown Vics standing by to be painted up as police cruisers and taxis for Modern RPGs/tabletop gaming.... How to finish them has been on my mind.

Concept 1: Updated Hill Street Blues Metropolitan Police cruiser.

FYI: 2202 was Hill and Renko's unit.

Concept 2: Same general design but in white on black. Crappy gimpage of the photo but it gets the general impression across.

I also have several concept sketches for my fictional Santa Marta Police Department, created several years ago, here's one of them: