05 May, 2011

An Unscheduled Update…

Since my last post the world has changed a little bit.  Osama bin Laden was shot twice in the face by DevGru SEALs in Pakistan on the 2nd.  The circumstances of his death were a testament to his life, he died a coward’s death using his wife as a human shield.  After confirming his identity, his body was prepared according to Islamic custom and buried at sea – far better treatment than he offered any of his victims.
There is news on the gaming front as well.  I am pleased to have found a copy of TPoF Gamemaster’s Pack, which is currently on it’s way Wayne’s World of Books – hopefully arriving later today.  This will complete my TPoF collection, giving me hardcopy access to all materials for the game.  The second copy of the box set arrived, and I was very pleased to find it a near mint condition copy – all data annexes, map and books in great condition, chits unpunched and original d20 intact.
Also on the way via various postal and delivery services, are:

28x 40mm UltraModern Miniatures from HLBS Co.
1x   3rd Special forces group/CIA civvies gear (4 figs to be used as PCs)
1x   Motor rifle troops (4 figs)
1x   VDV airborne (4 figs)
1x   VDV Airborne II (4 figs)
1x   MVD Interior Ministry troops Grozny (4 figs to be used as Spetsnaz)
1x   Guards with LMGs (4 figs to use as Motor Rifles)
1x   Dismounted armoured crews (4 figs)
2x   DeAgostini diecast UAZ-469/469B (1/43)
13x Maisto diecast Ford Crown Victoria (1/44)
1x   New Ray 1959 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
2x   Kitech BTR-70 APC model kits (1/48)
1x   Kitech T-80U MBT model kit (1/48)
1x   Kitech M1A2 Abrams MBT model kit (1/48)
1x   Kitech M2 Bradley IFV model kit (1/48)
1x   Maisto diecast HMMWV (1/40)

The Crown Vics will be repainted and used for police cruisers, unmarked/civilian cars, and taxis.  The Cadillac was purchased specifically for an appropriated command car ala Red Dawn.  The car in the movie was a ’64 Caddy Series 62… this was as close as I could get for $7.  The Kitech kits are cheap models that can be greatly improved visually with a little work.  The Maisto HMMWV is labelled 1/40 but is closer to 1/48 in size.

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