11 February, 2012

Star Trek Online

Been playing a lot of Star Trek Online the last few days.  Here’s the crew of my ship, the Nova-class U.S.S. Singularity, NCC-93516.

Captain Edward “Eddie” Kataishi
Commanding Officer

Human male
Height: 186cm     Weight: 79kg
Hair: Black     Eyes: Brown
Born: Kelly City, Mars – SD 20059.9
Valedictorian, Starfleet Academy class of 2365

As a lieutenant commander in 2370, he refused to follow a direct order to pursue a Cardassian vessel into the Demilitarized Zone resulting in his conviction of insubordination by General Courts Martial.  Released from New Zealand Penal Settlement and reinstated as ensign during the Dominion War (2373-2375).

Commander Nylla Ensereph
Executive Officer

Andorian female
Height: 180cm     Weight: 69kg
Hair: White     Eyes: Medium blue
Born: Lor’Tan, Andoria – SD 56181.5
Starfleet Academy class of 2401, graduated with distinction.

Nylla served as a combat team leader before attending Advanced Tactical Training and joining the crew of Singularity.  She advanced to the position of XO following the demise of the previous XO during an away team mission.

Commander Mirsh Aldin Vyhr
Chief Engineering Officer

Andorian male
Height: 194cm     Weight: 92kg
Hair: Off-white     Eyes: Light blue
Born: Lok’nar, Andoria – 54074.4
Starfleet Academy Class of 2399

Mirsh is named for his grandfather, famed starship captain M’rsh Aldin commanding officer of the ill-fated USS KaohsiungSingularity is Mirsh’s first posting as Chief Engineer.

Lieutenant Commander Jolid Rhee
Chief Science Officer

Trill female
Height: 183cm     Weight: 72kg
Hair: Dark brown     Eyes: Green
Born: Starbase 39-Sierra – SD 62074.1
Starfleet Academy class of 2407.

A joined Trill, Jolid is notable for being the first host for the Rhee symbiont.  As such, she does not benefit from the wealth of life-experience typical of other joined Trill, but in exchange her strong personality is not muted by the memories of past hosts.

Lieutenant Commander Mara Qu’vaj
Chief Medical Officer

Klingon female
Height: 197cm     Weight: 90kg
Hair: Brown     Eyes: Grey
Born: Port Emily, Sherman’s Planet – SD 57089.5
Starfleet Academy class of 2405, with honors
Salutatorian, Starfleet Medical Academy class of 2409

Mara’s family was killed during the Borg Invasion of 2381.  She and her older brother Tu’Mach were evacuated to Nimbus III, where they were raised by human friends of the family.  In 2399, when relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire soured, Tu’Mach sided with his Klingon heritage, Mara maintained loyalty to her foster parents’ culture.

Additional crew compliment:

5 ensigns
4 NCOs
29 crewmen
2 civilians
44 total
56.8% male (25)
43.2% female (19)
54.5% Human (24)
13.6% Andorian (6)
11.4% Tellarite (5)
6.8% Vulcan (3)
4.5% Betazoid (2)
2.3% Deltan (1)
2.3% Klingon (1)
2.3% Rigelian (1)
2.3% Trill (1)

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