10 August, 2010

New Look

I’ve finished the new look for the blog – including the new title banner.  I am very happy with the way the banner came out, especially the “Savaged” DG Logo.  This is pieced together using the font “Trust This One”.  It is the same font as used in the official products, but was stretched in order to fit the new dimensions created by the additional line of text.
Changes aren’t just visual – I have also been working on a new way to figure weapon cost.  Using Modern Gun Values, works to an extent, but I doesn’t help with military grade weaponry.  There is also the fact that these prices from the mid-90′s are greatly influenced by the inflation caused by the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (aka Brady Bill).  This causes military style weapons, like the AR-15, to be incredibly expensive.  It is also very American centric.  By using a different method I hope to establish a base value for each weapon that can be modified by circumstances.  Thus the FBI agent who has to replace the MP-5 the deep ones ate, can do so without paying the ridiculously inflated commercial prices of the time.  The goal is to create a mathematically based formula that gives an approximately accurate value to the gun that can be modified by blackmarket or collectibility factors.  A mathematical formula provides a consistent system allowing me to add any weapon to the database – much more consistent than using the prices listed in several different gaming sources.
To begin, I am using a modified version of the cost formula found in BTRC’s Guns 3G^3.  When I’ve finished testing the equation I will edit the prior weapons posts and update the DIY file.
There are more gun profiles in the works for this month, including a concerted effort to detail weapons other than pistols.  Eventually there will be cars and other equipment as well – but that is in the future for now.

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