31 August, 2010

Ithaca Mag-10 “Roadblocker” (Remington SP-10)

Caliber: 10 gauge
Range: 14/28/56
Damage: 3d8/2d8/1d8
RoF: 1
Weight: 11lbs
Shots: 2rds (+1 in the chamber)
Cost: $890
Notes: AP1, Shotgun, Double-Action

The Mag-10 is a semi-auto shotgun in 10 gauge, introduced in 1977, for use by police during roadblocks.  While 10 gauge never regained the popularity it had in the 19th century, the Mag-10 did see some success.  Ultimately, improvements in the 12ga. magnum were soon able to deliver comparable performance in a more mainstream caliber.  The Mag-10 was dropped by Ithaca in 1986.
The Mag-10 found new life in 1989 as the Remington SP-10 Special Purpose Magnum Shotgun.  The Their literature claims that the 10ga. offers lighter felt recoil and better patterns than 12ga. magnum.
The Mag-10/SP-10, like other shotguns, can be loaded with slugs.  A 10 gauge, 3 1/2″ slug does 2d12 at all ranges.

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