18 August, 2010

Heckler & Koch MP-5 series

Caliber: 9mm Parabellum
Range: 14/28/56
Damage: 2d6
RoF: 3
Weight: 6lbs (A2/A4) or 7lbs (A3/A5)
Shots: 30rds (15rds available)
Cost: $680 (A2/A3) $720 (A4/A5/N), 30rd magazine $22, 15rd magazine $11.
Notes: AP1, Auto, 3rd Burst (A4/A5 models)

In 1964, H&K began designing a family of 9mm SMGs based on the G3 battle rifle’s operating system.  The result was the most successful SMG series in history.  The German Federal Police and Border Guards adopted the MP5 family in 1966.  Following the Munich massacre the German Border Guards created GSG9, a counterterrorist team, who made the MP5 a primary weapon.  The weapon so impressed special operations units that the UK’s SAS adopted the MP5 as well for CT operations.  In 1980, the MP5 was in the hands of the SAS troopers as they rescued the hostages from the Iranian Embassy.
Since that time the MP5 has been adopted by hundreds of military and law enforcement organizations in 44 countries.  Numerous design changes and new models have been produced over the last 4 decades.  Early MP5s features a narrow “slimline” checkered foregrip and straight magazines.  Curved magazines were an early improvement, and later a wider “tropical” foregrip became standard.  Various attachments and modification are available for the MP5, including white light and laser sight mounts.  Stocks and trigger groups are standardized and may be exchanged between models.  Note: autofire trigger groups will not fit on semi-auto uppers or vice versa.
Of the many versions produced since 1966, most commonly encountered are:

MP5A2 – fixed stock, S-E-F (safe, semi, auto) trigger group, $670.
MP5A3 – telescoping stock, S-E-F trigger group, $670.
MP5A4 – fixed stock, 4-position (safe, semi, 3rd burst, auto) trigger group, $720.
MP5A5 – telescoping stock, 4-position trigger group, $720.
MP5N – US Navy version of the MP5A5 with a threaded barrel and ambidextrous selector, $720.

The MP5 is also available in a silenced version, known as the MP5SD, and a shortened machine pistol version called the MP5K.  Semi-Auto versions of the MP5 are very common in US and international law enforcement. These versions will be covered in their own entries.
In 1992 the Heckler & Koch to produced MP5A4/A5s chambered in 10mm Auto and .40 S&W.  These models are most notable for the straight, clear plastic magazines used (later magazines were opaque grey or black).  The FBI acquired a number of MP5/10s in 1994. Both lines were discontinued in 2000.
Variants of the MP5/10 and MP5/40 include:

MP5/10A2 – 10x25mm, fixed stock, four-position trigger group, $1,160.
MP5/10A3 – 10x25mm, telescoping stock, four-position trigger group $1,160.
MP5/40A2 – .40 S&W, fixed stock, four-position trigger group, $970.
MP5/40A3 – .40 S&W, telescoping stock, four-position trigger group, $970.

Caliber: 10mm Auto (MP5/10), .40 S&W (MP5/40)
Range: 20/40/80
Damage: 2d6+1
RoF: 3
Weight: 6lbs (A2) or 7lbs (A3)
Shots: 30rds
Cost: $1,160 (MP5/10) $970 (MP5/40), 30rd magazine (10mm) $23 30rd magazine (.40S&W) $22.
Notes:AP1, Auto, 3rd Burst

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