13 July, 2010

Smith & Wesson Model 4500 Series

Caliber: .45 ACP
Range: 12/24/48
Damage: 2d6+1
RoF: 1
Weight: 3lbs
Shots: 8rds
Cost: $490, 8rd magazine $14
Notes: AP1, Semi-Auto

Produced from 1988 to 1999, the 4506 was the flagship of Smith & Wesson’s third generation pistols in .45 caliber. The initial design was very similar in appearance to the 2nd generation 645, with stepped frame and recurved trigger guard. The later 4506-1 featured a slab sided frame and smoother, curved trigger guard. The construction is all stainless-steel with wrap-around grips. The slide mounted lever functions as a safety as well as a decocking lever.
The 4506 is one of the authorized pistols for LAPD officers following the North Hollywood Shootout.

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