07 May, 2010

Once apon a time, in the west…

Over two years ago, four men wound up in the same bar in a godforsaken town, south of the Black Hills.  They did not know each other before that day – but after their experience in town they were inseparable.  They were:
Ezekiel Neoptolemus Tobin  Gunslinger.  Bounty Killer.
Possessed of a rasping voice, vicious neck scar, and extremely large firearms.
Zebulon Pike  Scientist.  Gentleman.  Adventurer.
Come west to seek his fortune and to satisfy his curiosities about the odd tales told back East.
Don Juan Bongiovi  Cowhand.  Musician.  Lothario.
Come north from Mexico, he is a man of song – but few words.
Alexander Crenshaw Pace  Lawyer.  Dandy.  Gambler.
He came west to leave behind life of a New York aristocrat, in favor of the knock around life of a desperado.
Their adventures would become staples of the dime novels – passing into legend.

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