11 April, 2016

UltraModern Armoury Graphics

Whipped up some slides for the UltraModern Armoury template. Not my most favorite, but they will do until more suitable images are available.

Handguns - SIG-Sauer P228

SMGs - IMI Uzi

Assault Rifles - SIG SG552 Commando

Rifles - H&K SL9SD

Shotguns - Benelli M4 Super 90

Machineguns - Browning M1919A4

Heavy Weapons - Milkor M32 MGL

10 April, 2016

April Paintings

Aside from doing a bit of work on the UltraModern Armoury. I also managed to paint up some WW2 infantry this month.

First up were seven USMC, the Ceramcoat Sea Green airbrushed on as a color base very nicely, and was able to be touched up by brush. German Camo Beige web/canvas gear, Leather Brown boots and holsters, and helmet covers of Khaki with Camo Olive Green and Mahogany Brown spots washed over in Khaki. Weapons are Gunmetal and Mahogany Brown; base is Iraqi Sand.

But that is a lot of white folks. I think one of the things that has kept me from historical WW2 games is the segregation of US Forces. So one of the things I decided was to integrate my units. There was some integration of combat units, notably K Company of the 394th Infantry Regiment (coincidentally a Pittsburgh unit) after the Battle of the Bulge; I have decided to fudge the dates and have my platoon, based on K/324th, integrated while the unit was fighting in North Africa. It's ahistorical, but I don't care... so much of the hobby is ahistorical... I'm changing this one.

So here are my first Army guys: