04 November, 2013

The Ultra-Modern Armoury

So what has been going on here at 10x28mm? There haven't been any posts all summer and most of the fall! Yes. that is very true. Honestly it's a combination of lots of stuff and nothing to report. Here's how it breaks down:

No painting, modeling or gaming projects all summer _ nothing to really report. I'd intended to crank out those Future Wars guys but the time never materialized. I'm hoping to get to them as the days get colder and I spend more time inside. Hah! (If you knew me that would be a fantastic joke).

There have been some cool purchases at the toy stores and Hobby Off. Matter of fact I just picked up a mess of 1/50 scale Lamborghinis... Aventadors, Diablos, a Countach... a bunch... and all a wonderful gaming size. I've also continued to support the industry via Kickstarter... and some of the projects have actually begun to arrive... so there will be more there too.

The biggest thing has been recreating a rules program that was lost irretrievably. The weapon stats on this blog all were created with a program I've refined over 20 years to spit out stats after you enter the real world data. Sadly that program was lost last spring. HOWEVER... I have been able to replace it... perhaps even refine it... thanks to some partial notes cobbled together from dozens of documents and notebooks. I've got the program running along again, and have just started to really test it out. This of course has developed into a project of it's own... The Ultra-Modern Armoury. It's running about 30 weapon stats over a dozen entries so far... I'd like to make a new post each month, something I hope is more manageable. I may blitz it a bit now, hoping to make it useful as a gaming resource quickly; there needs to be a critical mass of varied weapon types for that.

Anyway... if I'm a bit rare here, that's where you'll find me.