18 September, 2012

Alarm für Anton Zwölf

It's been a busy month - not much gaming or painting in September.  Getting ready for a big move and a promotion at work.  I did pick up an XBox 360 and a couple games this week though, and I've been playing Autobahn Polizei a lot.

I'm thinking that it would make a fun table top game, and would go well with all of the Siku and Majorette cars I have collected over the years - not to mention the Need For Speed Mega Bloks.  The game is based on Alarm für Cobra 11, a comedy/action/drama from German TV network RTL. Essentially it is equal parts Starsky & Hutch, CHiPs, and CSI combined with the kind of explosive car chases you might find in a Michael Bay movie. It's not particularly complicated: Two autobahn police detectives (yes highway patrol "detectives") chase and investigate the crimes of bad guys intent on causing great harm, resulting in gratuitous automotive destruction.  In a recent episode terrorists stole a truckload of Botox in order to poison the city's water supply (Botox is derived from botulism), and the main characters alone went through three cars in stopping the plot.

Car action is a genre that I particularly am drawn to.  But one that is a bit hard to do on the table top.  Speed Rally is a great game for Speed Racer type races, but lacks the RPG aspects needed for a crime-fighting campaign.  A few years back I did do some Death Race-type highway combat based on Savage Worlds chase rules. I think it would make a good start point, but that means I need some vehicle stats - and for this genre, generic vehicle types just won't do.

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